Mastering the Mental Game of Resilience

Virtual Programs

Planning & Prioritizing for Change
New tactics for the new game.

Planning & Prioritizing for Change: Leader’s Version
Strategic Focus. For ourselves and our teams.

Hybrid Team Productivity
Tactics to keep your hybrid team – remote & onsite – connected, engaged and productive.

Mastering the Mental Game of Resilience
Resilience. Energy. Mental Focus.

Your Work-from-Home Toolkit
Maximizing the benefits and minimizing the pitfalls of working from home.

How to Reduce Video Meeting Fatigue
For Greater Resilience and Increased Productivity.

Masterful Virtual Meetings
Making our Virtual Meetings Engaging & Productive.

Managing Expectations & Triaging Change
How to prioritize, and if necessary, diplomatically push back on some incoming demands on your time.

In Person Programs

Managing Me
Growing. Succeeding. Staying Energized.

Your Awesome Team Offsite
“Time well spent!”

Managing Me: Accelerated Leader’s Version
More time for Strategy, Leadership and Thinking.

Mastering the Mental Game
Engagement. Resilience. Mental Focus.

Taming the Email Monster
More Control. Less Stress.

Managing Me with Outlook (and OneNote)
Tools + Behaviours = Performance.

Masterful Meetings
Helping Everyone be more Productive.

Priority Mapping
Greater Execution on Strategy.

Resilience. Energy. Mental Focus.

This highly practical session is all about helping people build their resilience, stay energized and achieve mental focus while facing the pressure of constant change and overwhelming uncertainty.

This virtual session is provided in a 90-120 minute format.

Attention Engineering. Turning off the autopilot and intentionally designing what we want to focus on.

  • Gratitude. An easy, yet highly impactful practice for building resilience and mental wellness.
  • Reframing. Embracing the “gift” in change & uncertainty.

Practical Mindfulness. Training the brain to help us be more present and in the moment.

  • Understanding the proven benefits of mindfulness and why it is now embraced by leading corporations, academic institutions and professionals as a powerful tool to support resilience, focus and performance.

Recharging the Brain. Working with our mental Energy, not against it.

  • Recharge strategies to maximize our energy and reduce burnout at work. Applying the Basic Rest Activity Cycle to work with our energy, not against it.

Time to Think. The under appreciated key to Resilience.

  • Tips and best practices to create windows of high quality, “decontaminated” time to think and reflect.

Recreation & Balance. Taking care of ourselves so that we can take better care of others.

  • A practical balance exercise to help busy people carve out more time for their passions and themselves.
  • Understanding how critical social interaction is for our resilience, health & well being – and strategies to build more connection into our lives.

Purpose, Values & Goals

  • Cultivating our Drive and Commitment by connecting to what’s most important for us.

Action Planning

  • Crafting a daily routine/ ritual that will help you stay resilient and show-up the way you want to show-up.
Doug Heidebrecht


I help teams and individuals do more with less, reduce stress and carve out more time for their true priorities.