You want more time for the strategic priorities that will help you grow, succeed and make a difference.

Yet, you’re facing an endless stream of meetings, requests & issues…

The answer isn’t to work later. Or faster. Or wait until everything else is done. You need to

Pay Your Priorities First

Carve out more time for your true priorities.

This on-demand, on-line course will provide you with highly practical strategies to help you carve out more time for those strategic priorities that will most help you grow, succeed and make a difference.

What to expect:

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The Content is Highly Practical!

You’ll receive practical, real world tactics & tools that you can start using immediately to carve out MORE time for your most important strategic projects and priorities.

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It’s Easy to Find Time For!

Each bite-sized lesson is only 15-20 minutes long (there are 10 of them) and you can do them at your own pace. So they’re easier to make time for in your busy schedule.

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You’ll be Better at Making it Stick!

This course (spaced over 3-6 weeks) incorporates proven tactics for building lasting habits: action triggers, repetition, clear next steps, clarity & progress. Think drip irrigation vs flash flood.

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“Modules were bite-sized, practical and quick to implement (was able to easily work this into my daily routine without feeling overwhelmed by the task). The resources you included with each module really reinforced the learning, and more importantly, the practice of actually adopting new routines and sticking to it.”
McMaster University
“I love the visualizations; Drawing on the screen is visually appealing and the voice over throughout is the perfect tone. I love the priority map; So much so, that I have implemented it into my weekly one-on-ones with my manager and has been really useful for mapping out what has been done and what needs to be done.”
The Globe & Mail
“The content was excellent! It was formated well in step by step instructions to learn best practices ”
Toronto Metropolitan University

Lesson content includes:

  • Priority Mapping. You’ll create a clear, realistic, highly visual Priority Map to keep you focused, agile and on track with your bigger picture goals & strategic priorities.
  • Carving out focus time. You’ll learn highly practical “real world” planning practices to help you carve out more time for your strategic priorities.
  • How to “Resist the noise” of technology (email/IM) and create small windows of high quality, undistracted time for deep work.
  • Self Care: The ultimate productivity tool. We’ll provide you with short & sweet, easy to implement practices to help you stay energized, positive and resilient.
  • How to negotiate incoming demands on your time – meeting invites, requests, etc. – with tact and diplomacy. (it’s going to be easier than you think!)
  • Powerful Team questions to help your team align around priorities and expectations – and support each other in staying productive and reducing overwhelm.
  • Making it stick. Tips and best practices to help you stay the course and make this learning stick.

About Doug

Doug Heidebrecht is an Adler Certified Professional Coach and Personal Productivity Expert who thrives on provoking individuals and teams into discovering a better way to work and a better way to live. He helps his clients – busy Leaders and professionals – carve out more time for the priorities that will most help them grow and succeed by raising the bar in how they make choices, achieve focus and stay resilient. In business for over 25 years, his clients include Johnson & Johnson, Enbridge, Samsung, PwC, BDO, BMO, Scotiabank, The Bank of Canada, The Universities of Toronto, Western, McMaster, TMU, Safran, Sephora, Dynacare, Ubisoft, The Globe & Mail, The Regions of Halton, Durham, Niagara, Waterloo, and many more.

Doug Heidebrecht