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Doug Heidebrecht

Personal Productivity Programs

“I loved this session – it was a master class. Doug is very engaging and effective in driving a bi-directional conversation. It was very energizing and inspiring.  I was also able to connect with my peers more than I have before. Thank you.”

PwC Leaders Program (virtual)

“Hi Doug, I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all the work and special effort you put into the presentation this morning. I’ve had great feedback (all unsolicited) from many different people. One of the things I was delighted to see was the level of engagement and participation.”

Johnson & Johnson (Europe) Webinar

“Great use of time. Gave me what I needed. Thank you!”

Western University Leaders Webinar

“Thank you so much, that was a great session. You make your virtual sessions so interactive. Besides the course content, I also learned so much about how to better facilitate online learning.”

Globe & Mail Webinar

“I was really impressed with your ability to virtually engage the audience, and for us to be able to glean learnings not just from your presentation, but from other attendees!”

I4PL (Institute for Performance and Learning) webinar

“The content , and the interaction was amazing!! best training ever when comes to interacting.”

Samsung Webinar

Program List (available in-person & virtually)

The Managing Me suite of core courses:
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Pay Your Priorities First
How to carve out more time for strategic priorities, achieve greater focus and get better results.

Planning & Prioritizing for Change
How to manage your priorities, time and energy in the new game of hybrid work and constant change.

Planning & Prioritizing for Change: Leader’s Version
How to get out of the weeds and carve out more time for your strategic priorities. Leading Self in order to better Lead others.

Managing Expectations & Negotiating Priorities
How to prioritize, and when necessary, diplomatically negotiate some incoming demands on your time.

Mastering the Mental Game of Resilience
Easy to implement best practices to help you stay energized, resilient and focused.

Other Programs:

Masterful Meetings (Virtual, In-Person & Hybrid)
Making our Meetings Engaging & Productive.

Strategic Thinking
Tools & techniques to help you spark innovation, achieve better results and turn challenge into opportunity.

Helping Leaders Reduce Burnout
Practical strategies to help leaders help themselves, and their teams, reduce burnout.

Taming the Email Monster
More Control. Less Stress.

New Book

Pay Your Priorities FirstPractical, real-world strategies that busy, time-crunched people are using to manage the present and still carve out time for the future.

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Assessment Tool

A questionnaire to help you pinpoint challenges and clarify where there are opportunities to raise the bar.


“This is a great program with a wide scope. The content was relevant and useful and I thoroughly enjoyed the exercises.”






I help teams and individuals do more with less, reduce stress and carve out more time for their true priorities.