Masterful Meetings
(In-Person, Virtual & Hybrid)

Making our Meetings Engaging & Productive.

This session provides best practices that will help everyone have a more engaging, more productive meeting experience – In-person, virtual or hybrid. It supplements traditional meeting management strategies with a focus on managing the meeting conversation.

The virtual version of this course is 90-120 minutes & the in-person version is 2-3 hours.

Getting Better at Meeting Preparation.

  • Reviewing best practices for meeting preparation (including how to create a good meeting agenda) to ensure alignment, input and clear outcomes.
  • How to get more consistent with making time to prepare your own meetings (leading by example) and how to diplomatically nudge others to do the same.
  • (If done as a team) Discussing Meeting “Rules of Engagement” – an agreed upon set of guidelines to support everyone in making meetings more effective and reducing wasted meeting time.

Making our meetings more engaging for everyone.

  • Connecting.  Understanding how taking the time to connect is the key to trust, engagement and collaboration (resisting the pressure to “get down to business” too quickly) and strategies to build a meaningful connect into your meetings.
  • Meeting Presence. “What Leaders bring to the meeting is what’s allowed in the meeting” (Brene Brown). An easy, yet impactful exercise to help you bring a meeting presence that will contribute to a positive, productive meeting.
  • The Power of good questions (and good listening). How to talk less, engage more and avoid “crickets” by crafting good questions that elicit meaningful responses in a short period of time.
  • Using Technology to your advantage and engaging better through the effective use of chat and visual tools.
  • 3 Options to help make your “hybrid” meetings (some participants in-person, other participants remote) more inclusive.

Reducing Unnecessary Meeting Time.

  • How to diplomatically negotiate and push back on some low priority meeting time. (The “next 10 meeting” exercise.)
  • Practices to support everyone in reducing some unnecessary meeting time – challenging the one hour default, distinguishing between required and optional participants.
  • Tips to help you block off – and hold on to – some “meeting free” buffer room in your calendar so that you can get other stuff done.

Optional: Your Team Huddle. A template for structuring your team huddle.

  • 4 Key Components to help you design your ideal team huddle.
Doug Heidebrecht


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