The WOW! Webinar Series

Engaging & Interactive, Super Convenient & Cost Effective

“The content and the interaction was amazing!”


“This was just as good and some things were better than live training. I love that I can participate from my office in Florida and be involved in discussions with co-workers from around the world.”

Johnson & Johnson

“I loved the virtual classroom because I could enjoy being able to attend the presentation and reap the benefits of the course – without having to give up my whole morning.”


These virtual workshops are facilitated in a real time, employing webinar tools (polls, breakout rooms, chat, whiteboards, etc.) to create an interactive and engaging learning experience. The modules can be delivered stand alone, or in a series as an integrated learning solution, employing reflection and linking strategies to enhance learning retention.

Each of the following modules can be provided in a 90-120 minute format.

Planning & Prioritizing

  • The 3 Ps of Planning and carving out more time for our strategic priorities:
    • Plan: Smart strategies for pro-actively planning time to work on our strategic priorities.  
    • Protect: How to protect strategic time as much as possible from lower priority tangents and distractions.
    • Practice: Developing consistent planning practices.
  • Priority Mapping for greater alignment, clarity, focus and execution.

Managing Information Overwhelm

  • Capturing and Tracking Action Items.
    • Organizing our tasks, follow-ups and other commitments to make smart choices, stay in control and prevent things from slipping through the cracks.
    • Selecting a “system” and making it work for you.
  • Managing the Inbox. 
    • Best practices to help us filter and organize high volumes of email. 
    • Keeping our Inbox relatively clean and less overwhelming.

Managing Expectations (resisting the noise)

Increasing our capacity to deliver on higher priorities, by spending less time on lower priorities.

  • How to diplomatically push back on and negotiate lower priority demands coming from others. 
  • Reining in our default inclination to say “yes” to everything. Asking good questions to identify the true priority.
  • Fostering healthy expectations for requests coming from our team. Finding that balance between being available to support our people and having some time for the other work we need to do.
  • Reducing low priority meeting time.
  • Resisting the Noise of email & text.

Managing the Mental Game

Helping people stay energized, build resilience and achieve mental focus in the new game of constant change and overwhelming distraction.

  • Practicing and applying mindfulness techniques.
  • Recharge strategies to maximize energy and reduce burnout at work. Applying the Basic Rest Activity Cycle to work with our energy, not against it. 
  • A Practical balance exercise to help busy people carve out more time for their passions and themselves.
  • Using best practices of Attention Management to foster a positive, productive attitude. 
  • Reviewing the daily routines and rituals of high performers. Crafting a daily routine/ ritual that will help you reduce stress and show-up the way you want to show-up.
  • Tips and best practices to create windows of high quality, “decontaminated” time to think and reflect. 
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