Masterful Meetings

Helping everyone be more productive

Masterful Meetings provides best practices of Meeting Management that will help everyone be more productive. It’s also about supplementing traditional meeting management strategies with a focus on managing the meeting conversation.

This workshop is provided in a half day, full day, or two half-day format.

Reducing low priority meeting time 

  • Do we really need this meeting? When might the best way of managing a meeting be to simply not have it?
  • “They want you to say yes, but sometimes they need you to say no”: Strategies to diplomatically push back on low priority meeting time, in order to achieve higher priority objectives.

Meeting structure 

  • The before, during and after of good meeting management disciplines.
  • Ensuring that good agendas are in place.
  • Strategies to keep the meeting on track.
  • Action-planning and follow-up.

The Meeting Conversation

  • Fostering a collaborative, engaging meeting climate.
  • Employing good questions and masterful listening to engage participants and guide the meeting conversation
  • Promoting positive, “leadership by example” meeting behaviours (and how to handle difficult behaviours).
  • Strategies and tools to elicit input and buy-in.

Making meetings work in our schedule

  • How to balance meeting time with all of the other priorities we need to find time for.

“Rules of engagement” for meetings

  • Building consensus on best practices for meeting management that will help everyone be more productive.
  • Fostering a healthy meeting culture.
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