Practical and profound, this program enhances teamwork, collaboration, alignment and change.

The Conversation Advantage™ Program is a one or two day practical experience that creates high impact learning designed to help leaders upgrade their Conversation Intelligence™.

“Remember that what gets talked about and how it gets talked about determines what will happen. Or won’t happen. And that we succeed or fail, gradually then suddenly, one conversation at a time.”

- Susan Scott, Fierce Leadership

Background: For 20 years, my clients had been asking me “what other programs do you do?” and for almost as long I had been looking for something really, really good that serves a need and compliments my purpose of helping busy people be more effective. So when Melinda Sinclair and Dorothy Greenaway invited me to be one of 5 charter collaborators in Canada to facilitate their newest creation – “The Conversation Advantage”, I jumped at the opportunity.  Melinda & Dorothy were founding faculty and overall architects for the Adler Coaching program, receiving enormous recognition for their work. This program is truly “cutting edge” and it’s a terrific honor to be collaborating with them.

The Conversation Advantage™ program engages participants in a learning experience that helps enhance Conversation Intelligence by fostering shifts on multiple levels:

  • Intention: Explore what shifts in intention you can make to strengthen your conversation effectiveness.
  • Attention: Learn how to direct attention in conversation for better focus and results.
  • Behaviours: Gain concrete, practical ideas for behaviour shifts you can make to get better conversation outcomes.
  • Mindset: Discover what the optimal mindset is for effective connections and conversations.
  • Skills and Tools: Practice new skills and learn how to optimize their use through tools that can guide your approach.

The Conversation Advantage program includes:

  • A conversation model that will change the way you do conversation.
  • A practical toolbox to help you raise your conversation game.
  • An engaging and interactive experience that fosters learning and application.
  • A heightened awareness of where your conversation skills hit the mark and miss the mark.
  • Skills and practices guaranteed to raise your Conversation Intelligence™.
  • The expanded version also includes an on-line conversation skills assessment.
  • Weekly/Monthly email sparks and skill bursts to focus attention and act as reminders.