Workshop Outline

The Priority Map™ workshop is a series of planning exercises, supported by a visible tool (the priority map), that many of my clients find extremely useful for clarifying, focusing and executing on performance  goals & strategic priorities. It’s a great way to keep performance plans “alive” and help teams stay aligned. This learning is targeted toward managers and supervisors. It’s also appropriate for high potential individual contributors who have responsibility for various longer term performance objectives, priorities and projects.

This workshop is provided in a half-day format.

Clarifying Direction. Making sure that long term performance goals & strategic priorities are translated into robust, meaningful action plans.

  • Double-checking that we know what our most important priorities are.
  • Ensuring that these long term priorities are indeed clear, relevant and aligned. Identifying priorities that may need more clarification & discussion.
  • Translating hard to define leadership intentions into measurable objectives and actionable next steps.
  • Utilizing different formats to most effectively map out different types of goals & KPIs.

The Next 30 Days. Creating a Priority Map:

  • Using the Priority Map tool to “MapQuest” our desired destinations into specific next steps and stay aligned with long term goals & direction (and more accurately gauge our capacity).
  • The 6 principles of execution: Making sure that we’re applying these principles to our planning.
  • Adjusting for change so that plans stay current, relevant and “alive”.

Bringing it into today:

  • Daily/weekly planning. Best practices to carve out time for our priorities.
  • Resisting the noise and protecting our plans from low priority tangents and distractions. Letting go of the small wins, in order to stay on track with the big wins.
  • Developing the discipline. Strategies to build healthy, consistent disciplines around personal planning time and team communication.