Taming the email Monster

There’s a frustration that often this “productivity tool” is just not being used in a very productive manner, individually and as an organization. Taming the Email Monster is a 3 hour workshop that provides individuals & teams with the insight and strategies necessary to manage their email more effectively. It goes beyond the technology to take a behaviour-based approach to email management – looking at how we react, how we think, how we send & how we organize email.

Respond, don’t react to incoming email.

  • A risk analysis exercise: what are the real (not perceived) risks of reacting vs. not reacting to certain email?
  • Understanding the distraction factor. (hint: 10 IQ points)
  • Managing expectations with internal and external customers.
  • Strategies to separate the real fires from false alarms so that we don’t miss something if we don’t check our email for an hour.

Organizing email.Staying in Control of our Inbox.

  • Setting up and maintaining an effective email folder system so that we keep our Inbox clean and can find what we need, when we need it.
  • Using flags and filters to organize email.
  • Strategies to track and follow-up on action email.

Managing our Outbox (in order to manage everyone else’s Inbox)

  • Applying more thought to what we send and who we send it to. (sending fewer email)
  • Using “Netiquette” that will save others time as they read/reply to our email.
  • Understanding when e-mail is a good way to communicate and when it’s actually counterproductive