Workshop Outline

Helping good teams continue to grow through a team approach to productivity. Taking a deeper dive into productivity practices, achieving a more strategic focus and a more lasting change.

Personal Productivity for Intact Teams has 3 components:

1. Pre-workshop consulting (listening, fresh eyes and good ideas): Conversations with leader(s) and team. Reviewing a Team Productivity Toolkit to identify opportunities do some things differently at a team and leadership level.

2. Facilitated team workshop(s). Discussing best practices of productivity together: “What could we be doing differently and how do we best apply these strategies to our specific roles?”  (This component consists of one or two, half day workshops)

3. Post workshop implementation, learning transfer and change. Team strategies to recognize progress and provide reinforcement & accountability. (Determined in component 1 & 2)

Content areas for the facilitated workshops:

Team Planning: Applying best practices, tools & communication strategies to stay aligned with Strategic Priorities and work off of the same page.

Managing Expectations: Answering the question: How can we help each other stay focused on key priorities, reduce unnecessary distractions yet still deliver on team support and customer service?

Priority Mapping for greater alignment, clarity, focus and execution

The 3 Ps of carving out more time for strategic priorities.

Resisting the noise: How to protect strategic time as much as possible from lower priority tangents and distractions.

Tracking and organizing information: Tracking tasks, utilizing available tools (i.e. Outlook and OneNote) and managing the inbox.

Making it stick: Strategies to create accountability and support each other in sticking to our action plans.