Workshop Outline

This two hour program helps busy, time-crunched participants answer one question: “How do I carve out more time for those priorities that will most help me grow and succeed – even though other requests are demanding my attention, emails remain unanswered and someone else wants me at a meeting ?” It reengineers and builds upon content from the Managing Me programs to create a very focused and immensely practical learning experience.

This workshop is provided in a two-hour format.

The 3 Ps of carving out more time for key strategic priorities.

  • Plan. Smart practices for pro-actively scheduling time in our calendar to work on strategic priorities.
  • Protect: How to protect the strategic time we’ve planned from lower priority tangents, distractions and meetings.
  • Practice: Developing consistent practices for planning and carving out strategic time.

Priority Mapping for greater alignment, clarity, focus and execution.

  • Understanding the 4 Core principles of execution and how to apply them using Priority mapping techniques.
  • Creating a Priority Map™. Translating Leadership intentions and other strategic priorities into meaningful, actionable objectives for the next 30 days.
  • The Priority Map Conversation. Getting on the same page as our leader and being confident about what is (and what is not) a priority.