Workshop Outline

Managing Me with Outlook helps busy people better manage heavy workloads by raising the bar in how they use Outlook to plan, focus, organize and manage expectations. It’s a powerful and practical integration of behaviours, tools and learning transfer.

This workshop can be provided in a full day or half-day format.

Building the Foundation:

  • Stepping back and identifying our true priorities. Making sure that we’re using Outlook to help us move in the right direction.

Getting focused and on track (planning):

  • Doing the Priority Map exercise. Creating 30 day objectives that are aligned with long term strategic priorities.
  • Best practices of weekly/ daily planning. Using various Outlook Calendar features to help us carve out time for strategic priorities.
  • Using the Outlook Today and To-do bar features as fantastic planning tools and a great way to integrate our calendar, tasks and email.

Resisting the Noise (staying focused):

  • Increasing our capacity to deliver on the important priorities by reducing the distraction of low value email, requests and interruptions.
  • Using Outlook “Rules” , out of office, and file management (folders, flags, etc. ) features to filter incoming messages, keep  control of our inbox and
    manage expectations.
  • Courageous conversations to manage expectations, build relationships and set a standard for our team.

Managing the details:

  • Organizing our tasks, follow-ups and other commitments to make smart choices, stay in control and prevent things from slipping through the cracks.
  • Understanding how use the Outlook task and to-do lists to manage action steps, projects and follow-ups.
  • Being able to find, colour code, share, assign and categorize various Outlook items.
  • Managing contacts to build relationships through Outlook contact features.

Staying in control of our Inbox:

  • Setting up an effective email folder system.
  • Using flags, Rules, search options effectively.
  • Email netiquette that will save everyone time.
  • Best Practices of utilizing PDA’s (Blackberries, etc.) effectively.

Managing Balance, Energy & Engagement:

  • Staying connected to personal values and goals. Being loud and clear on what’s in it for us.
  • Specific strategies to carve out more time for ourselves.

The Managing Me Action Plan:

  • Where do I most want to raise the bar?
  • How am I going to raise the bar?
  • What, specifically, am I committed to doing differently in the next 60 days?