Workshop Outline

Managing Me: Accelerated Leaders Version is advanced level priority/workload management learning that helps busy managers do more with less and carve out more time for leadership (and other strategic priorities). It’s about helping good performers continue to raise the bar in an ever changing, ever challenging work environment.

Note: This program is NOT about teaching people how to be leaders or coaches, but rather, how to manage their workload to make time for Leadership activities like coaching, strategic planning, etc. It’s about linking in, energizing and reinforcing the leadership & coaching learning that you’re already providing.

This workshop can be provided in a 2-3 hour, ¾ day or two half-days format.

Building the Foundation:

  • Stepping back and identifying our true priorities.
  • The Leadership Wheel exercise: This exercise links in leadership learning, competencies and models specific to your organization. It helps participants clarify their leadership intentions and answer the question “what aspects of leadership do I most want to action on in the next 90 days?”

Getting focused and on track (planning):

  • Doing the Priority Map exercise. Creating 30 day objectives that are aligned with long term strategic priorities.This includes turning hard-to-define leadership intentions into smart, actionable objectives
  • Helping rubber meet the road. Best practices of weekly/ daily planning that will help us carve out time for strategic priorities.
  • Habits. Developing a healthy rigour around stopping, thinking, planning and communicating.

Resisting the Noise (staying focused):

  • Increasing our capacity to make time for leadership and other strategic priorities by reducing the distraction of low value email, requests and interruptions.
  • Letting go of control and delegating things that can and should be delegated.
  • Handling staff requests in a way that supports staff, leads by example and fosters a less reactive environment.
  • Courageous conversations to manage expectations, build relationships and set a standard for our team.
  • Strategies to help us help our people to manage their workloads more effectively.

Managing the details:

  • Organizing our tasks, follow-ups and other commitments to make smart choices, stay in control and prevent things from slipping through the cracks.
  • Using the task and contact features (for Outlook users).

Staying in control of our Inbox:

  • Setting up an effective folder system.
  • Using flags, Rules, search options effectively (for Outlook users)
  • Email netiquette that will save everyone time.

Managing Balance, Energy & Engagement:

  • Staying connected to personal values and goals. Being loud and clear on what’s in it for us.
  • Specific strategies to carve out more time for ourselves.

The Managing Me Action Plan:

  • Where do I most want to raise the bar?
  • How am I going to raise the bar?
  • What, specifically, am I committed to doing differently in the next 60 days?