What clients say

“Doug was excellent, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic – he tailored his advice to what worked for people and for Manulife.”   Manulife Financial

“What was the best sales training course/event that you have participated in (at 3M, previous employer, or outside course)? - Managing Me with Doug Heidebrecht, great usable skills that are easy to deploy.” 3M

As always your workshops are a wonderful blend of engaging facilitation and content that makes life/work flow smoother.” University of Toronto

“An amazing facilitator – one of the best I have ever been with.  He has a calm energy that made his session interesting and made the lessons stick.”  PwC

“Very good speaker – kept us involved & interested”  HydroOne

“Doug was great! He was able to create a very open and relaxed environment where individuals could feel comfortable sharing their thoughts right from the start. The content and activities of the workshop were engaging and relevant.”  Wilfred Laurier University

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A questionnaire (pdf) to help you pinpoint challenges and clarify where there are opportunities to raise the bar.